Contract Negotiations

Contract offerings from service providers are intentionally complex. It is very difficult to make a comparison between multiple providers. They also confuse clients with multiple commitment levels that have to be met in order to gain discounts.

Clients rarely know what the floor price might be. The customer is at a disadvantage. The sales teams competing for your business all have great stories that make their solutions sound attractive. They also have very strong negotiation skills. After all, this is what they do on a daily basis. They are highly paid to get the most margin out of every sale they touch.

Who has the advantage when your clients negotiate with you? My guess is that you do.

You need someone on your team that has years of industry experience. Someone that has a complete understanding of the product offerings. We have people on staff that have worked directly for the largest service providers and have experienced the negotiation process from both sides.

Sometimes an RFP is required, but in most cases you actually lose through the RFP process too. Contact us to learn more and start saving time and money.